Seafood Galore At Kopi Tiam

27 September to 29 October 2017


Tantalise your tastebuds as Kopi Tiam presents a medley of seafood delicacies, freshly prepared with well-loved local ingredients.


Bitter Gourd Fish Head $36

Fish Head, Bitter Gourd, Fermented Black Beans, Carrot, Onions, Chilli


Garlic Steamed Prawns $26

Tiger Prawn, Garlic, Spring Onions


Indonesian Sotong Curry $22

Squid, Lemongrass, Chilli, Evaporated Milk


Marmite Crab $55 per serving (500 – 600 gm)

Crab, Marmite, Tomato Sauce, Oyster Sauce


Steamed Crab $55 per serving (500 – 600 gm)

Crab, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Two Types of Sauce


Soft Shell Crab $22

Soft Shell Crab, Wasabi Mayo

The FAR card usual privileges apply.


For reservations, please call +65 6431 6156, email or book online.